I’m Peg Corwin Peg Corwin, of Web 2.0 Marketing for Small Bizand I’m passionate about online marketing for small business.

I want to help you learn more about internet marketing and social media.  On this site, I gather, or “curate” links to good advice to help you get more business, sales, leads and brand awareness for your small business.

Online Marketing Topics

  • Content Marketing and Curation for Small Business  How small businesses can use content marketing and curation to do inbound marketing to attract the right customers.
  • Email Marketing Tips  Helps marketers start and manage email marketing campaigns and autoresponders to grow their customer email lists.
  • Facebook for Business Marketing  Find posts about mostly free ways to use Facebook to market your small business.  Learn what to put in updates, how to get Fans and engage them.
  • Google+ (Google Plus) for Small Business  Learn how to use Google+ to generate leads for your small business. Explore circles, hangouts, pages, places, 1+ , SEO and more.
  • Linkedin for Business Marketing  Learn how to write your Linkedin personal profile and business page to get more leads and sales, as well as to build your brand. 
  • Local SEO for Local Businesses   Find posts on how to use a local business website to get more leads and sales through listings, reviews, local content and more.
  • Pinterest for Business  How to use Pinterest to market your business, including tips, pros and cons, infographics, checklists and ebooks. 
  • Scoop.it Tips  Learn how to use Scoop.it for content curation. Find numerous Scoop.it tips to curate and improve the presentation of your topics.
  • SEO 101 for Marketers  Helps small business marketers to learn the basic principals of search engine optimization (SEO) and what factors they can control. 
  • Website Pages Advice  Learn about what to put on specific types of pages of a website – your home page, about page, product page, landing page, etc.

I share links that I curate for the above on Twitter.  Selected ones I post to my Facebook page Online Marketing for Small Business or Linkedin.