Reading Blogs with Google Reader

by Peg Corwin on January 28, 2008

Google Reader

Hopping from blog to blog to keep current is, as we used to day in the 60′s, a drag. I’d been hearing about Google’s Reader and decided to go for a test drive. I’m already hooked. If you’re trying to keep up with this fast-changing internet world, you’ll want to try it.

First, you have to find blogs you think you’d like to read. Go to Google Blog Search and put in your favorite keyword. Click the links to see scan the blogs to find two or three that look interesting. Go to the blogs and look for an orange icon like this: orange RSS It will ask you how you want to get this feed, so choose Google Reader, which is this icon.

reader Or just click this icon directly, if the website or blog has one. In either case, copy the code they provide.

Then go to Google Reader. Sign into your Google account (you must have a Google account to something, or just set one up) and click “add subscription” on the left. Paste the code in that spot and save. You should see recent posts come into your reader.

You can also subscribe to a Google Blog search on a particular topic. Do a search using your favorite keywords. Then scroll down to the bottom of the search and click the link that says: Subscribe to a blog search feed for chicago in Google Reader New!
You will then see results from that search show up in your Reader. You can then decide whether or not you really want to subscribe.

Once the feeds are coming in, you can add or delete subscriptions at any time. You can tag good posts that you’d like to find again. I’m discovering more and more each day.

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