Podcasts: Intro, Video and Links

by Peg Corwin on October 7, 2008

What is a Podcast? “A podcast is a series of digital-media files which are distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and computers.Wikipedia

Podcasts are like “TIVO for the radio.”   Podcast subscriptions and downloads are free.  “Internet radio” is broadcast over the internet, while “podcasts” are audio files that are downloaded for current or future listening.

Get Started Links

Podcasting in Plain English (video) A short and charming video from Commoncraft that describes conceptually what podcasting is.

What is a Podcast? (video) Northern Illinois University produced this brief video to explain podcasting.

What is Podcasting? (video)  This CNN Video features GrapeRadio, a podcast series by a wine retailer, as an example of how companies are using podcasts to promote their businesses.  GrapeRadio’s first podcast had 50 downloads, and three months later, they had 3,000.

Creating Podcasts A page of step by step instructions from How Stuff Works.

What Does This Sound Like?

Small Business Podcasts (Startup Bizcast podcast)  This is a podcast on “Podcasting for Small Business.”  Topics covered are: benefits of podcasting for small business (links and branding), equipment needed, where to record, what to talk about, and how to promote your podcast.

More Info:

Listening to Podcasts (How Stuff Works) A web page on where to find podcasts of interest and how to listen to them.

Podcasting 101: How to Create a Podcast (video) Tinkernut.com’s video with software “nuts and bolts”:  creating MP3 files, using audacity software, editing out background noise and volume spikes, and publication software like podcast.com, podpress plugins for WordPress, easypodcast.com.

Seven Ways Nonprofits Can Use Podcasts: How to Create Compelling Podcasts ouf of your Everyday Work. TechSoup’s web page on podcasting for nonprofits, but its advice is applicable to for-profit businesses too.

Where to Find Podcasts:

Podcast Alley “the podcast lovers portal. Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top 10 podcasts, as voted on by the listeners.”   Links filtered for “business.”

Podcast.com link to  its business channel.  “Business podcasts give you the latest on what’s happening in the international business scene along with advice for your own small business or specialty business. You can also learn how to manage your personal finances, including money markets, IRAs and other investments.”

Audible.com For business books and publications like the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company in audio format.

Itunes, if you have an Ipod and Apple software on your computer.

Cons of Business Podcasting?

Why Podcasts Won’t Help Promote Your Business

Peg’s Podcasting Experience

SCORE national asked me to do a podcast on finance for Small Business TV’s podcast series.  I chose the topic “Estimating Expenses for a Startup,” and here’s my first podcast.

I learned:

1.  5 minutes is a very short time, and copy should be about about 100 words a minute, assuming you are going to ad lib a little.

2.  Drafting a script, recording copy on your webcam, getting feedback from others, listening to how you sound, and refining the script is a good way to hone content and practice delivery.

3.  You have to scramble to find a land-line phone these days to do the recording.

And you?  If your clients are walking around with IPods and cell phones, have you tried podcasting?  Has the exposure brought you business?  Is it a waste of time?  Let me know in a comment.

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