How Can I Get Information About My Online Competition, Find their Keywords?

Find keywords of your online website competition

Info on Online Competition

I see a lot of plans for online businesses with great ideas, but poor competitive analysis. Here are sources to check your online website competition:

Competitor’s Website Statistics

Compete Put in three websites and get unique visitors per month, average daily pageviews, daily velocity. Click one website and look on the right for its 5 top keywords. Pay for details.

Alexa Put in three websites and, if there’s enough traffic, get reach, ranking and page views. Some data is free and you pay for more.

Xinureturns Get all kinds of interesting details on a site, like search engine rankings, indexed pages, bookmarked pages, top keywords, backlinks.

Online Website Competition Keywords

Adgooro Keyword suggestions and keyword tracking

Keywordspy Keyword research and tracking.

Spyfu “Spy on your online competitors. Download their keywords and Adwords”

WordTracker Check free articles in their Academy link. And they have the best seven tutorials on using keywords that I have ever seen. Here is Keywords day one.

Spy on Your Competitor’s Websites. More online tools for 007

Ongoing Competitive Info

Run Google Alerts. Learn about it in my blog post on Google Alerts.

Have you used these sources? Did I miss one? Please leave me a comment.

  1. Hey Peg – This is great stuff — though I’ve had some issues with Compete before (good ones, though), as sometimes the keywords it shows for my business (uSphere) are things like “The Hitcher Soundtrack” or “Edwin McCain.” Seriously.

    But all marketers should take this stuff to heart!

  2. Hi Peg,
    Looks like you know this area well.
    May I ask you to give an unbiased review of PPC Bully.

    You’ll find out that it beats all the tools above by far.
    Thanks, Yefi

  3. I’m a huge fan of KeywordSpy and this tool definitely beats the others. I’ve tried 4 other but KS just does the job for me. It provides me with effective keywords which I just copy-paste to Adwords. Try it and you’ll know what I mean. I know they also offer free trials. :)

  4. Hi Peg

    Thanks For The Great Info On Making My Site A Success. I Am Sorting Out My Keywords Right Away Thanks To The Info I Have Found On The Sites You Recomended.


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  8. Nice list. I’m familiar with all of them, except Adgooroo. Just checked them out, and they look pretty solid/unique. Thank you.