Meta-Post on 18 Online Marketing Techniques: My Internet Marketing Series

by Peg Corwin on July 10, 2009

In July of 2008, I discovered Anita Campbell’s graphic on online marketing techniques and their ROI, or internet marketing priorities. SCORE Chicago clients were coming to us, overwhelmed by all the different possibilities. They asked which were the most important, and which fit their types of businesses.

Online marketing techniques, with references to 18 on them. Online Marketing ROI — Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends


After seeing Anita’s graphic, I realized I knew about some techniques but not others.  So I set out to explore each on behalf of small business clients of SCORE Chicago.  In the process, I wrote this series of blog posts to provide basic links, further references and sometimes my own experiences.  To make the posts fun, I tried to find YouTube videos as well as text explanations.

It’s taken me ten months to complete these 18 posts.  I’ve now done podcasting, joined voting sites like Stumbleupon and Digg, signed up for affiliate programs.  I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  I’ve learned much more about email marketing, about search engine optimization.

I started out with a rigid format, but gradually changed it to provide meaningful, organized links and annotations.  So, Anita, I’m a bit late but I’m turning in my assignment.

Introduction to Web 2.0 Marketing

Online Marketing Priorities in a Web 2.0 World: New How-To Series

Inner Circle, and First Priority Online Marketing Techniques

Online Press Releases: Intro, Video and Links

Email Marketing : Intro, Video and Links

Blogging: Intro, Video and Links

Pay Per Click Ads: Intro, Video and Links

If You Don’t Know About SEO, Start with Pre SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Intro, Video and Links

How to Choose an SEO Consultant.  And What to Watch Out For

Outer Circle, Second Priority

Online Directories and Review Sites: Intro, Video and Links

LinkedIn and Business Networking Websites: Intro, Video and Links

Networking Online: List of Business-Relates Social Networks, Forums and Online Communities

Social Bookmarking: Intro, Video and Links

Podcasting: Intro, Video and Links

Affiliate Programs: Intro, Video and Links

Flickr and Photo Sharing for Business?  Intro, Video and Links

YouTube and Video Sharing for Business: Intro, Video and Links

52 Links on Twitter for Business, with Brief Descriptions

Using Facebook for Business Marketing

Do’s and Don’t of Commenting on Blogs and in Forums

A MySpace Profile Page for Your Small Business?  Intro, Video, and 36 Links to Help You Market

Voting Websites Like StumbleUpon: Should Your Business Join to Listen, Share, Promote?

Bonus Listing — The Local Focus on Online Marketing Techniques

46 Links on Local Online Marketing: Techniques to Promote Your Local Business

With a year’s more experience, I feel like I should start all over again, improving the posts on online marketing techniques.  But I’m taking a rest for now.  Comments?

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