Add Easy-As-Pie Engagement Goals in Google Analytics

by Peg Corwin on January 11, 2010

Measuring basic engagement with your website or blog using basic Google Analytics is now a no-brainer.   You’ll want to take a minute to add a couple engagement goals in Google Analytics –“pages per visit” and “time on site”  — right away.

Before  this, goal achievement was measured by setting a page URL, a page that the viewer had to reach to achieve a goal.  For example, in a purchase process, the thank-you-page URL could be set as a goal.

Now, using recently-added options, Anaytics allows you to set a goal that is achieved each time a user visits X pages in a single visit — maybe 3 or 5? — or spends X minutes on your site — say over 4 minutes and 59 seconds.

Where to Set Goals in Google Analytics

The hardest part of goal setup is to find the location at which to set your goals.  It is NOT set from the left nav Goals link in your Analytics reports.

Set them at the Analytics Setting page, the landing page when you log in.  Here you should see your website listed under Website Profiles.  Do NOT click the “View Reports” link.  Instead, look over to the right for an Actions column and click Edit.

On this page, you should see two grey bars, the first saying Main Website Profile Information and the second Goals.

How to set engagement goals in Google Analytics

Set your Google Analytics Goals

Once you’re here, setting goals is as easy as naming the goal and choosing your pages or minutes.

See how to set goals in Google Analytics

Goal Sets

Now you can set 20 goals (up from 4), grouped into Sets.  As a best practice, Google recommends that you group all engagement goals like these into one set, just to keep things nice and tidy.

So what are you waiting for?  Go set up these goals for your site right now.

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