3 Simple Lessons I Learned about Blogging

by Peg Corwin on January 25, 2010

A couple quick year-end observations on what I have learned as a blogger in the past two years.  Nothing earth-shaking, but three things I now know from experience.

1.  Focus Correlates to Engagement. I monitor multiple websites and blogs using the free Google Analytics.  For websites and blogs on narrower topics, bounce rates are lower and pages per visit are higher.  This blog on Web 2.0 Marketing has a much higher bounce rate and lower pages per visit than my blog on How to Start A Social Network.  The latter has the lowest bounce rate I have ever seen, varying from 0 to 3%, and pages per visit are regularly over 5, because of its narrower focus.

In another example, my series posts — like those on website meta tags, blog SEO and Google Analytics for Marketing — have higher page views because I have linked them and readers of one post often want to read them all.

2.   Connecting with Those Who Comment Makes You Interesting and Helpful Friends. I email those who post comments to thank them, which connects me with other bloggers, consultants and those with questions who sometimes become clients.     Mirian Ellis, whose company offers local search engine optimization services,  and entrepreneur Tony Russo both posted comments, and both have become friends and guest bloggers on local SEO for small business and a social network business plan.  I am able to interact with those who comment because I have modest traffic on my blogs.

3.  Blogging Moves You Up the Learning Curve, and Is Good for the Brain. Blogging, or more specifically writing, forces you to learn and explain.  It exercises the mind.   When you read, you are constantly thinking about what you want to share.  I even pick topics for a blog that I want to learn about.   In 2010, for example, I’m planning to learn about Adsense, affiliate marketing and ecommerce.  Blogging sharpens your thinking and expands your knowledge base.

Just wanted to share these simple truths with you on the eve of my two years a blogger.

Historical note:  My first post on this blog was Christmas Eve 2007:  Setting Up A Business Profile on Facebook.