7 Benefits of Content Curation for Marketers. And a Platform to Do It.

by Peg Corwin on May 11, 2013

content curation benefits

Content curation is about selecting, reflecting upon, evaluating and sharing information in your niche.

To describe the process another way, marketers read trade publications, blogs, news publications and social media sites to follow what is going on in their industry and area, to use information in their work, and to share selected items with colleagues, clients and prospects.

How can content curation help the marketer?

Content Curation Benefits

Here’s my list:

 1. Helps prospects and clients with whom you share relevant information make sense it, from your perspective.

2.  Identifies relevant items for you to share on social media besides your own stuff.

3.  Broadens your network of like-minded people by uncovering those who write about your topic too.

4.  Assists you in keeping up with what is happening in your field to inform your own work.

5.  Allows you to follow what competitors are saying, to help you shape your unique message and product offerings.

6.  Gives you ideas for your own blogs and social media content.

7.  Adds oomph to your own content/posts because you have the reputation for being an expert and sharing high quality information.

Scoop.it for Content Curation

I’ve just started using the online software Scoop.it for content creation to help small business clients market their businesses.  Like the ex-librarian I am, I’ve used Delicious for years to bookmark and organize references on the web and Feedly to read blog feeds..

Scoop.it is now giving me a platform not only to aggregate and better organize what I find, but also to comment on it and share it automatically on social media.

I’m a user, not an affiliate marketer.  I’m not paid for this recommendation.

Sample Topics

As I work with small business owners, I often talk about the topics below and have curated references that they can use to learn more.   Click one of these links to see what topic curation on Scoop.it looks like.

Are you curating?  Are you systematically reading, evaluating, commenting on and sharing articles and posts in your niche?  What benefits did I miss?  What tools to do you use?



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